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In today’s competitive market, you need more than just a business and website in order to be successful; you also need a strong customer base. However, building a strong customer base requires you being found by the people who are searching for the product or services the you offer. Sounds pretty easy, right? It may sound simple, and it probably used to be, but in today’s day and age where everyone is on the web – you need to stand out from all of your competitors. 

The internet is a powerful tool and is more than likely the first place where potential customers will look for all of their dog related questions, pet services, reviews, and more. is a great place to build your internet presence and reputation on our FREE professional dog trainer directory.  So, if you’re located in Illinois then follow the steps below to be added into our easy-to-use directory. 



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Start by adding your personal information, and then add in your business information below that. We’ve made the registration process easy, so all you will need to do is start typing in your business name into the Business Name field and then select it when you see it appear. If your business doesn’t populate in the box, then quickly watch our walkthrough video and we’ll show you how to find your GMB (Google My Business) ID. Once you have your ID, you can manually enter it into the GMB ID Field. This whole process (even with manually finding your ID) will take less than 3 minutes. Once you have submitted your information, one of our staff members will personally review your application to ensure you are a good fit for our directory. Once you are approved, you will begin showing up in the visitor searches for dog trainers in your city. 

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